Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Penny For Your Thoughts!

Pinching your Pennies?  A Penny wise, and a pound foolish? In for a Penny, in for a Pound? A pretty Penny?  A Penny saved is a Penny earned?  A Penny whistle? Henny Penny? Penny arcade?

The Canadian Penny came to be in 1870, and sadly it was abandoned yesterday.  Abandoned?  That sounds kind of harsh, but the truth is the Canadian penny will no longer be made, or used in the day to day economics of this country.

We are not the first country to be without  Two Pennies to rub together!  Australia, Finland, Israel, New Zealand, Brazil, Norway and the Netherlands  have all pitched their Pennies, claiming they have saved millions on a coin that wasn't worth a cent!

I guess Penny Pincher's from here on in will just be referred to as cheap skates!  How refreshing! Your "thoughts" will now cost a nickle; that brand new BMW will cost now cost you a Pretty Quarter; and if you actually get to save a nickle in today's economy, it just might be worth a cent!

Our pretty Canadian Penny was produced right here in my home town of Winnipeg.  I watched it roll off the line many times over the years when we took visitors to tour the mint.  Wonder what the mint will produce now?

And what is going to happen to all those Pretty Pennies out there in circulation.  What do you want to bet they all vanish... all the baby-boomers will be pinching those pennies and storing them in jars in the closets - isn't that what we all did as a child?  I must admit I have a pound or two of them myself - in a good solid container they make a great door stop.

I'll bet crafters all over the country will be thinking of ingenious ways to use Pennies.  I think I might replace the linoleum at the back door with pennies... I saw that on Pinterest, actually... it was stunning!  Or maybe if I don't have enough to cover the whole floor, I can at least make a penny mat for in front of the door.

Oh the possibilities are endless!  Yet another project to think about.

Fifty years from now, Canadian children won't even know what a penny was.  They will no doubt be throwing loonies in the fountains after their wishes - for surely by then all the pennies will be long gone... maybe in heaven?

RIP little Penny!

I had all kinds of shinny copper pictures to add to this story - but alas, Blogger is not working well this morning.... maybe I'll be able to add them later....

On an entirely different subject - today is my favourite Aunt's 95th birthday.  Happy Birthday Auntie Margaret - I love you!

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