Monday, February 25, 2013

A New Friendship!

Have you ever been the recipient of a totally unselfish act of kindness?  By someone you don't even know?

When I am at work, I always talk to my husband at lunch time.  We only chat for a few minutes but we catch up on each other's day, and if anything good has come in the mail - I get that report then.  On Friday Gary told me that a parcel had arrived for me from Alaska.  I was more than curious as I don't know anyone who lives in Alaska.

He read the name on the return label to me, and I vaguely recognized the name as a woman who is on one of the FaceBook Doll groups I belong to.  She posts regularly, sometimes I make comments on her posts, but that is all the contact I have ever had with her.

This box was from her.  She is friends with woman in the group whom I have known (on the net) for about 6 yrs, I'm sure my friend gave her friend my address, knowing me well enough and her friend well enough to know that it would be okay.

As soon as Gary told me her name I started to think about her doll collection, and realized that this woman was a big time Chatty Cathy collector.  He also told me the contents listed on the box said broken doll.

I couldn't wait to get home.  But first I had to finish the day at work, and then we had planned to go grocery shopping so by the time I actually did get home it was already evening.

I did manage to put the groceries away first and then I tore into the box.

Sure enough it was a Chatty Cathy in pieces.  BUT... it was a brown-eyed Cathy!  I was through the roof.  I have never eve seen one before, and certainly never thought the day would come when one would be in my home, broken or not!

I had no idea why she sent this broken doll to me - like I said, I really had not communicated with this woman much at all.  Did she want money for this doll?  Was there a catch to this?

So on to Facebook I went, and her name came up on the Chat screen.  I wanted to let her know the doll had arrived so I started chatting with her.  What started out as a Thank You chat ended up in a almost 90 minute conversation about so many things.

She's a 6 yr breast cancer survivor - just like me.  She told me about her family, herself - and yeah I guess we talked about dolls - a little!!!!!!!!!!

She said she wanted to send me the doll because she thought it would make me happy.  She did it in friendship!  She just wanted to make my day!

To say she did, is an understatement!  Her random act of kindness, touched my heart in so many ways - not because of the doll -  because of the act of thinking about someone she barely new whom she wished to make happy in friendship.  I think that is past amazing!

The doll is just a doll - but the friendship is so very important in this day and age where friendships come and go or fade away! Two strangers "connected" to friendship all because of a doll....

There is more - The doll she sent only has one arm, so another box will be coming in a few weeks with another set of arms, and a party outfit she had especially made for a Chatty Cathy doll.  I told her this was too much, but she would not agree with me - I don't think I could stop her if I tried!

So here is my next "Cathy" project....  I can't wait to get working on her!

Isn't she a doll?

Thank you Jean!

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