Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Melting Moments!

The temps outside are acting more favorable towards us the past few days.  I even see icles hanging from my eves on both sides of the house - now there is a vision to behold.  Well I did see icles, but Gary knocked them all off on the south side of the house so they wouldn't pull heavily on the eves, and so they wouldn't fall on Molly as she sits outside in the snowbank and sniffs the spring-like air...

Do we mere humans know the delight in sitting on a snowbank sniffing air?  I doubt it, but to watch my girl is to watch pure contentment.  How can something so simple bring such joy?  And why don't we appreciate such simple pleasures as much as our animal friends?

Wouldn't the neighbours talk if they saw me sitting out on a snowbank obviously sniffing the air... I don't think I would appreciate what I am sniffing quite in the same way a dog does.  Spring in my neighbourhood does not necessarily smell fresh, thanks to the dogs and the dog walkers.  Enough said!

In the meantime, I have started a prayer shawl, and I am doing it in broomstick lace which is turning out very pretty.  I had to google the stitch as it had been years since I last did this, but once I got going on it, it all came back to me.

It actually works up pretty quickly, and when finished its light and airy, and I am finding it much kinder on the wrist and arm when working on it.  I'll try and remember to take a picture of my work in progress.

Did you try and make a needle case of your own?  Here is another project you can try with the strip quilt as you go method.  I actually have some of these on the go at the moment - and a few that I made at Christmas that wait only for the binding on the edges.  One of these days I will get brave and attempt to finish them with a proper binding.

Check out this table runner -


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  1. Enjoy a good deep sniff today!! Lol....I think our animal friends get whiffs of what is going on in the neighborhood!! You mentioned that in your spring segment. You should insist that the dog walkers pick up their loved ones little presents they drop off when they pass by....it is the only right thing to do no matter what neck of the woods you live in...I know where I live people just think it is okay and walk on with their little darlings....some of them, others dutifully bend over with their bag of choice and take their little bags to the dumpster. That is the way it should be.

    I hope with spring on the way, when you sniff...you smell nothing but all the better scents of spring....flowers! It is one of the better seasons I always enjoy the most.

    Have a beautiful day!!