Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Going Back!

I think one of the reason I so love to work on dolls is that it makes me remember simpler times in my life, where an evening was spent curling hair, or doing nails - those kinds of things. 

Do you remember when looking great meant a lot of "home" work.  My Mom and I went to the beauty school once a year for a perm,  but both our hair grew quickly so between those perms it was good old Toni Home perms...

Funny as it seems, it is the rods from these old Toni perms that I use to curl my Doll's hair today - now there is repurposing  101!

Even with a perm, hair had to be curled - at least once a week - usually Saturday. If there was something going on Saturday night - the hair was curled Saturday afternoon. Otherwise Saturday evening was set aside for washing and curling the hair. Mom did mine - I did hers.

First we washed with this:

or this

Then we used these...

and plastic pics... ouch!

Then we either sat outside on the front step (well I did, Mom - not so much - mother's didn't sit around in those days) or we sat under one of these (usually in the kitchen).  Ours was a real fancy one - it even had a separate motor with attachments for nails...

It took hours and hours to look beautiful.  But look beautiful we did!  I even have pictures to prove it...

In our house eye makeup wasn't worn - not even mascara... but we did use face powder and this..

And I actually had one just like this....

And this was beauty in the 60's!

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