Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stash Buster Thursday - A Needle/Hook Case!

I am not much of a sewer - my mother was a seamstress, she made bridal gowns and ball gowns and everything else you can imagine.  You'd think I would have turned out to be a decent sewer because I had a wonderful teacher - BUT - although Mom and I were very close, I admired her and respected her  - but when it came to sewing we two butted heads like crazy.

She was perfection, and I was not... so sewing never became a passion of mine.  Having said that I have done quite a bit of sewing, but mostly crafty things, and doll clothes.  Don't expect to ever see a garment larger than 21" ever coming off my machine!

Even so - I do have a STASH of material... thanks to my Aunt Margaret.

  Now there is someone who can take a scrap of material and turn it into something beautiful!  She gave me a lot of material scraps several years ago, and I have great intentions, but so far have used only a small bit of it.

So here is a small project to "Bust"  a little of that fabric stash.

 This is made from strips of fabric.  Cut a pile strips, of varying widths, and at least 12" long.  This one was made from strips 9 " long, but as you can see it turned out just right for my steels (crochet hooks).  My regular crochet hooks are quite a bit longer than the steels so that is why I am suggesting 12" strips.


Once you have your pile of strips cut, cut a 9X12 piece of fabric.  (I used a 9X9 for my steel case).

Starting the left edge sew the first strip right side up to the fabric square.  Take another fabric strip and lay it right sides together and sew along the the right side of the strip.  

This picture is backwards, I really did start at the left edge!

press the strip back
You are going to need your iron handy for the project because you will need to iron the newly applied strip back down so that the right side of the fabric is facing up. 
The picture on the right shows how you open the sewn strip after sewing.  You can also see that the  strips are sewn but all the seams are invisible.

Complete the square by sewing strips in this manner, tight to the edge of the square.

Finished sewing the strips

Because I am horrible at binding and will do anything to avoid it at all costs I decided to back my piece with another fabric.  So lay your square right sides together with your backing piece which has been cut  to a 9X12 size (mine was 9X9)

Sew along three sides leaving 1 side open.  trim edges and turn it open, and press.  You will have a mini-pillow case sort of thing now.

Note: I left my open side to the side, not the bottom.  Finish this side by folding and ironing the side finished, and sew along the edge to seal it closed.

Next fold the bottom of your square up, forming a pocket which will hold your needles.

Next I top-stitched from bottom to top, at intervals wide enough to hold 2 needles.  This also will quilt the strip part of the piece, so you are both quilting your piece and forming your little pockets.
Roll and tie with a ribbon, and there you have it!
I attached my ribbon, but first I rolled the case so I could judge where to attach my ribbon.

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