Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tiny Hearts Doll Blanket - Free Pattern!

Have you been "busting" your stash?  As promised here is another stash buster project for our Stash Buster Thursday.  This is my own creation, I thought I would try my hand at writing a crochet pattern.  Hope you like it.
This little doll blanket was made from small amounts (golf ball size) balls of left over yarn from other projects.  It is the perfect way to use up some of those smaller balls, and makes a sweet gift for that little girl in your life.




Copyright ã  2013 by Dale Graumann.
For your own personal use only.  You are free to make this pattern as many times as you wish for yourself or for gifts but you may not sell items made from this pattern.  Please do not copy or post pattern on other web sites, you may pass on the URL so others may view this pattern here..



Size H crochet hook
Small amounts of worsted weight yarn in colors of your choice.


ROW 1:
Sc in second chain from hook and in the next 7 chains across (8sc)
Ch1 turn.

ROW 2:
1 sc in first sc and in each stitch across (8sc)
Ch1 turn.

Repeat ROW 2 for six (6) more rows until you have a square piece (8rows of 8sc).  3sc in last stitch of the last row.



We are now going to do a foundation sc row all around the square.  Do not turn but continuing along the end of the square work 6 sc evenly across the end of the square.  3sc in corner stitch.  1sc in each of the next 6 stitches.  3sc in next corner stitch.  6 sc evenly spaced across the end of the square.  3 sc in next corner stitch.  1sc in the next 6 stitches.

This should take you to your first 3sc (Foundation row is made).

Now we are going to add the rag or the ruffle to our square.

DO NOT TURN but continue working around the square as you did for the foundation row.

3sc in FRONT loop of the next stitch and in the front loop of each stitch around.  Join to starting sc.  Break off your yarn and weave all loose ends in.

For my blanket I made a total of 20 blocks in random shades of reds, pinks and white. 


With right sides together (ruffles facing) attach yarn on one corner of one of your squares.  Using the unworked back stitch on each square join the 2 squares together. Your stitches should line up making it easy to join the squares. 

I prefer to join a strip or a row of squares and then join the rows together.

Make sure your sc stitches are all going the same way before you join your squares.

I free-hand embroidered the small hearts using a back stitch to a couple of my squares.


  1. How adorable and precious is this!! I love it! Love the colors too! Thank you for sharing such a sweet pattern. Sandy

    1. Thanks Sandy - hope you try it -

  2. This is cool it but would like to.make it bigger should I.just add rows or more blocks ty

  3. This is absolutely adorably gorgeous. Totally love definitely next project on my list. It's for a teddy bear so I'm gonna a few rows/blocks. Thanks for sharing!!! It's completely awesome!!! :)

  4. hello,My name is Kathy and Im from Va..Some really Great people sent me your pattern,but I can crochet nor needle knit,So I am asking could you please rewrite this pattern for loom knitting??? Please!! My Daughter is due in July,And I have been trying and trying to make it,on the loom but,I don't even know what loom stitch to use..I will buy the loomed version,Most of my friends crochet & needle knit,so im lost there,Please if you could help me it truly would be a blessing to me!! Thank you & Please when u have thethe time please get back to me.. god