Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Brain Freeze - Manitoba Style!

I am the first one to defend winter when others are ranting and raving about the cold or the snow.  I have to, after all - I keep telling everyone that I love winter... and I do.

Well I did - until a couple of days ago.  I am allowed to change my mind, am I not?

It has been darn cold.  What's cold, you ask?  How does -44 with the windchill grab you?

I tell you it grabs me in the throat and forehead and pretty much freezes any brain activity that might be present.  Normally I would not be spending a considerable amount of time outdoors in temperatures such as these...BUT...

For some reason, yet unknown to us - the locks on our cute little new car doors are freezing, and we can't get into the car in the morning.  Sometimes if we actually do get in - then we can't get out!  We have tried everything known to man and cars to remedy this situation, and it really wouldn't hurt if the weather would co-operate - but suffice to say the past few early mornings have been a challenge.  This morning I headed out to wait for Gary to bring the car around to the front, and I waited and I waited, until that brain freeze moment was upon me, then decided to walk around to the back where the car is parked.

The car was running, but when I got to the car I discovered that it had just been started.  Gary was outside of the car scraping the ice off the windows so I quickly jumped in the passenger side and closed the door.  Seriously - why close the door, it was just as cold IN the car as it was outside!  He finished scraping, then tried to open my door  - yep - it was frozen already.  So now he couldn't get in and I couldn't get out.  After a frigid tug of war, and some somewhat blue comments the door opened and I was instructed to get out.  It seems the only way into the car was though my door, so I hopped out and waited for him to get in.

Have you ever watched a 6.1ft man crawl into a VW Golf having to lift his long legs over the middle console into the tiny little space where the driver sits?  It's a sports-type car - it's small and compact - and 6.1ft in winter wear is not!  Add freezing cold face and hands to the equation and you have my morning commute almost figured out.  We can chuckle about it now, but come tomorrow morning we may be repeating this same scenario once again.

And yes, the car IS going in to the dealership, who BTW have admitted that frozen locks are more common than they would like to admit - and a reminder - don't get your car washed when it's -44.

 Really?  Who ever would have thought such a thing!

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