Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stash Buster Thursday begins!

Have you been gathering your Stash?  It's Thursday - time to talk about some ways to Bust that Stash!

This week we'll be busting a Stash of Yarn!  Remember those golf-ball and hard ball size left-overs from other projects... let's bust those first!

There is nothing more perfect for using up small amounts of yarn than the good old "Granny Square".  I know - so predictable - but really - not so much.  The Granny Square has evolved since it's glamours showing in the 70's.  Back them it was incorporated into afghan's, purses, hats, vests and all types of articles.  It was as identifiable by it's square lacy look - no matter what size or what color it was made from.

Today's Granny Square has evolved considerably.  There are as many different styles of Granny Squares, as there are crocheter's making them.

The 70's square aways started out square - today's... not so much.

70's Square (Basic Granny Square):
Here is the basic Granny pattern with a good tutorial if you are attempting this square for the first time.

This one starts as a round medallion, and ends as a square - I really like this one...

This one starts out much the same as the one above, but has a much different look when done - I only did 4 rounds of this pattern.

This last one is a good challenge  - it incorporates quite a few stitches in each square and makes a stunning piece when finished.

These are just a few different squares to start you on your way.  You can make these squares as small or as large as you'd like - in any weight of yarn.  Use as many or as few colours as you wish.  I used red and white as I am on a Valentine kick at the moment.

Wouldn't these colours make an adorable Valentine throw for "Granny" in the nursing home?  Or add a bit of pink to the red and white and make a child-sized Valentine blanket for your favourite young family member.

Not into Valentine's colours?  Then pick colours randomly as you work - I love the look of these colorful blankets when they are done.

There is no end to what you can create with the ever versatile "Granny Square".  It's a keeper...

 - Many thanks to the designers of these squares.  

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