Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pattern Writing 101!

I have come to have a new apprectiation for those who have created and especially written crochet or knit patterns.

I have created many of my own patterns, but until this past week, have never written them down to the extent that someone else can read them.  My angels are all my own creations, and I have a little note-book where I have noted things like - how many stitches to start with - where I increased, where I decreased etc, but I did not write out the pattern fully.

This Stash Buster Thursday post I hope will be one of my own creations ( if I get the writing part done).  The project is done... well mostly,  I still have to join a couple of things, then I need to take a good picture, which will require some other elements added to the project - and then of course - the writing of the pattern itself!

Who writes down every little step?  Good pattern makers, that's who!  As patterns go, this one is very easy and straight forward, but still I need to think like a beginner, and that is hard when someone is used to making their own adjustments and rules as they follow along a pattern.

I tend to do that - I will start a pattern someone else created, and often will change something because I'm not crazy about the creator's way of doing something in the pattern - it is purely a personal thing... and seasoned knitters and crocheters do it all the time.  Not that I want to change anyone's original pattern, but sometimes I just like my adjustment better.

I'm sure there will be plenty who will do the same to my pattern - and I'm totally fine with that.

So the next couple of days I will try and get this pattern written - correctly!  There is nothing more frustrating than trying to work a pattern that is wrong!  So please feel free to holler at me if it is wrong!  I promise I won't mind! 

In the meantime, if you are a knitter or crocheter and you haven't already - you really must check out and join the Ravelry Group.  http://wwwravelry.com.   It is a haven for creators and pure torture for those of us who feel we have to make everything we see.... seriously - it is a wonderful site full of really great patterns made by very creative people.  Once you stop there once - you will go again, and again.


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