Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Good Intentions!

Whatever happened to good intentions?  I used to have quite a few of those floating around - some better than others, but like everything else if I just set them down for just a second - poof - gone!

One of those good intentions (last year) was to become the better blogger I once was, used to be, and want to be. That intention must be hiding with the others -  like the one where I promised myself I would not start anymore projects before I finished the ones I have on the go!  Or how about the one where I talked myself in to believing that all I needed was a little time, and I'd have enough dolls ready for sale to kick-start my new on-line doll business.

Oh boy - talk about letting oneself down...

But here's the thing, I read a lot of blogs, which is one of the reasons lately I find it so difficult to write my own blog.  I spend entirely too much time reading and I really must say enjoying what others have written. 

There are so many really good bloggers out there and therein lies my problem.

Most of the blogs I follow are written by people, much like me (that could be my problem).  They are crafters, some with business, some just for the pleasure of working with their hands.  Most are amazing artists, with more ideas that tempt my mind and my hands.  Unfortunately (for me) they are awesome photographers - why else would I be so tempted to try their techniques and patterns? 

Of course I can't limit my reading to one type of crafter - that would not be fair.  So my brain has been tempted with knitting, crocheting, quilting, doll making, beading, cooking...   Oh the joys of being a follower!

So for this year - expect some new ideas, some fabulous photography, and hopefully I too can tempt your mind and hands with some ideas and projects.  If not perhaps I can tempt you with a story or two, or maybe even the odd contest.

For now, at least - that is my intention.


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