Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Learning is Good For You!

I spent the better part of last evening scrambling to get my pattern ready for tomorrow's unveiling in my next STASH BUSTER THURSDAY segment.

I had just cleaned up my studio on the weekend, and what took me a couple of hours to clean and organize on the weekend, I managed to trash in about 3 minutes.  Who knew trying to get a proper photo of a finished project would involve a whole room - and a wide selection of dolls!

I really wanted to use a Chatty Cathy in my final photo, but none of my Cathy's have the right coloured outfits (gonna have to see about changing that real soon).  So instead I used a more modern doll "Baby Loves to Talk".  She has such cute kissable fat cheeks, and I totally forgot that touching ones lips to those cheeks makes her talk - and talk - and talk.  This was serious business trying to get things right for my photo, and all she could do was go on and on about loving spaghetti!


One of the reasons I love dolls so much is that making things for them (clothes, blankets, accessories) enables one to try all different types of crafts and skills.  The first completed knitted sweater I ever made was for a doll.  I love that you can practice different stitches and techniques, and actually get to see your results quickly.  I have learned many crochet knitting and sewing techniques by making things for dolls.  There is no end to the things you can make for dolls - and if you master the art of creating for dolls - why not take that skill and use it on creating for real people - yourself included.

Tomorrows pattern will be available on my blog, but I also hope to get it up on Ravelry ( as soon as I can figure out how to save it to a PDF file). 

Yet another thing to learn....

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  1. Dale I think you are awesome. Enjoyed reading a bunch of your blogs. I may even take a turn.