Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Best Room in the house!

During the Christmas break, I turned my dining room back into a sun room/TV room.  I love to sit in there particularly in the mornings because it is bright and sunny with the east morning sun, but the sun keeps it bright all day long, making it my favorite room in the house.

When we first moved in to our home, this room was a porch.  It was cold and miserable in the winter - about the only thing it was good for was hiding pre-Christmas baking from the family (instead of putting it in the freezer).  Come summer it was much better.  We put a small table in there, and would often sit out there in the evenings and enjoy being "outside" without mosquitoes to bug us.  The first couple of years we lived in the house, we did this, always closing up our summer spot in fall with long long faces.

We decided to look in to having the porch converted to a year-round room, and many dollars later - VOILA!

It started off a sitting room, then was a dining room, then a sitting room, then REALLY a dining room - and now it's a sitting room again!

The lighting is great for knitting and crocheting but the ambiance is so great that I sometimes forget to pick up that hook or needle, but instead get all comfy wrapped in my favourite afghan in my lazy boy.  If I don't actually get to knitting or crocheting I sure can while away the hours dreaming about all the projects I'd like to make.

As the days get longer, just think of all the extra time this room will allow me.  Why I can almost add a few projects to the already long list I have waiting.  No problem, no problem at all!

But first - I think I'll take a quick nap!


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