Monday, June 20, 2016


Happy Summer Solstice!  We've made it to the longest day of the year, and where I live it seems the days are even longer than they should be.  We will also be able to enjoy a Strawberry Moon, which only happens once on a lifetime, according to expert opinions.  Strawberry moon?  All it is is a full moon which happens to coincide with the start of strawberry season - apparently is is quite rare!

This picture was taken last evening at 10:19 pm. As you can see the sky was still very bright.  It doesn't get dark here until almost 11:30 pm  - but after today that will begin to change.  It's not the best picture I have ever taken, I snapped it while looking out the window as I was closing the curtains.

I love these long days - they inspire me to get up and get moving.   I have energy, I have ambition, I have a spring in my step.  

This morning I went to the library to do my cleaning, and decided it was a wonderful morning to start stripping the floors.  I hate to say it but they are horrible dirty.  I chose the worst isle ( the paperbacks), took a bucket of soapy water, magic eraser and a scotch pad, got down on my knees and started to scrub.  Wow - what a difference.  It might take me most of the summer, but my intention is to get those floors white and shiny by fall.  

Then home to my studio, and I have been cutting fabric ever since... 

We had wicked storms here all weekend, and the winds yesterday were strong enough to rip limbs off huge trees and blow our BBQ on to it's back.  Although the wind it still blowing today, it is much better than yesterday, and the cooler temps are a real blessing.  It is going to be a great day to get things accomplished on the sewing machine!

Whatever you do today, I hope you enjoy this nice long day, starting tomorrow we will loose that precious light minute by minute!

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