Monday, June 27, 2016


June seems like it has been a very long month to me.  I have the feeling like I have been waiting for something all month - what - I do not know!

I suppose there are many who have been waiting for something to happen in this month of June - it is traditionally a month were "things happen".

Things such as Graduations - many many high school and college students have been waiting for this month for years and years - I wish them all well in with their futures whatever path they have chosen in life.

June is "THE" month  to be a bride... I imagine there are many "June brides" who have been waiting for this month with excitement the likes of which they may never feel in their lives again.  I wish them all happy futures - may they have happy marriages and wonderful lives with the men they have chosen as their life partners.

While I can certainly be happy for these exciting June events, for me the waiting is a bit more basic.

When I start to think about what I might be waiting for - I believe my wait is for more elemental occurrences.  Like -  lettuce to be ready to eat - tomatoes on the vine, fruit to pick, beans to snap, potatoes to dig, and although I might get lucky with the lettuce, the rest will have to wait for another month.

I am however, enjoying the ever changing rotation of blossoms in my yard.  It seems just when I think I cannot possibly be more wowed by the loveliness of a particular flower, a new one unfolds, and wows me anew.

I cannot take credit for the placement nor the variety of much that is growing in my yard - someone long before me planted many of the species that grow here.  I don't know if they had a plan, or a favourite plant; I don't know where they got their plants from - but I do know that much of what is growing in my flower beds this year, is considered a wild flower by the experts.

That in itself is exciting to me - I was starting to introduce wild varieties into my garden in the city - but they were not responding with nearly the gusto that they show here.  Might be they feel at home in the country?

When we moved here last July, I had a visual quite different than the one I see now.  Last year I missed the months of May and June - with it the spring varieties that live in the soil on my property. This year I have seen it all -

Or have I?  Perhaps this is what I wait for after all...
                                                                     . . .


Here are a couple of new shots from my yard, taken on the weekend

Remember the flocks and daisies of a few weeks ago?  Well the flocks are done now to be replaced with these beautiful Mullein Pinks...

Both the daisies and the pinks are a wildflower variety...

And one variety of Roses that are growing on the south side of my house... aren't they beautiful?

There are also very pale pink and a fuchsia pink varieties almost ready to bloom...


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous! Kyle has some nice plants growing also...just wish he wasn't so darn far away from me when I want to get my hands on

  2. Thank You... can't take much credit for the gardens here, almost all these beauties were already here, couldn't see them for the weeds however - I will take credit for helping them thrive. Where is Kyle? We need to catch up, GF!

  3. Kyle is in St. Anne, MB. He bought his first home and has a big back yard with flower beds and a small river in front. It is about an hour from my door to his.