Monday, June 13, 2016


Saturday was a perfect day, weather-wise.  It was sunny and nice a cool.  I spent the day cleaning my studio and the little sleeping nook just off the studio.

I had been fighting a 2 day migraine - I think due to the atmospheric pressure changes associated the storms around, so I grabbed my camera and decided to go for a walk around my yard.

I planned to only be a few minutes - but as often happens when I have my camera in my hand - I loose all track of time...

So come and walk with me....

My peonies are just starting to bloom and they are gorgeous... and the plums are really looking good.

while I was taking the picture of the plums I got the biggest surprise... Hello - when did this happen?  This wasn't there a couple of weeks ago... and it's empty!

Chives and Chamomile growing with the flowers - why not?

Phlox and Daisies - Daisies and Phlox... so pretty!

My very beloved garden assistant - all we enjoy would not be, if not for this little fella... thank you for your help!

While I was snapping pictures there was a Robin singing very close to where I was standing... there are always Robins close by and they are always singing - but then I heard a funny little tweet, that I couldn't identify.  I looked up and there was a baby Robin up on the hydro wire above me looking down.

He was so interested in what I was doing and not at all afraid of me as I walked closer to him.  Mamma flew close to him once just to check on things, and then she left us alone again.  I know she wasn't far away, I could hear her chattering in the fir tree in the next yard.  Thirty minutes and a hundred pictures later, baby had enough and flew to be with his family ...

Amazingly enough, the migraine that had been plaqueing me for two days - was gone!

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