Friday, June 17, 2016


I haven't done a REPURPOSE FRIDAY in a long while.  The other day I was looking through my boards on Pinterest, and one thing led to another, and all of a sudden I had a few things to share with you.  Who thinks of all this stuff anyway?  There truly are some amazing creative people out there.

Some of these are actually pretty useful!

Hope you like my picks this week!

This one is very useful - what a great space-saving idea!

                                                                  An old wine rack turned towel holder - love it!

I don't know many who use a silver ladle anymore - but used this way is awesome!

I am sure there are many horses who would gladly donate their mouth bits to this cause...  nice industrial country look...

Another kind of paper - another holder!

 Just plain cool - a great conversation piece.  This is man-cave material!  Easy to do too!

How is this for a bathroom sink?

And remember when we pinned baseball cards to the spokes of our bikes so they would make a noise?  Now that wheel is a picture frame....

I have seen rakes made into wine glass holders - here are two more uses for them..  although I don't know who would possibly have that many pearl necklaces!


This is a cement doily.  Have any of Grandma's old doilies around?  Not your thing?

Here is a link to make these cement pieces.
Interesting -

Happy "stuff" hunting - talk to you next week!

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