Thursday, June 16, 2016


I try very hard to keep my mouth shut about Politics and Religion here on my blog.  My opinion is that we are bombarded with talk on both these and other " correct" issues almost everywhere we go on the Internet - if you want to read about these subjects - you can go elsewhere - this blog is a place for my readers to read something different than the slop we get fed on social media.


Yesterday something happened in our House Of Commons, that really burns my hide.

Our government leaders, who face so many very serious and important decisions and tasks that they should be dealing with as representatives and leaders of our country - held a vote yesterday.

They were voting on making changes to the wording of our National Anthem - O CANADA to make it gender-neutral!

The vote passed 225 to 74 to change the line " In all thy son's command" to "in all of us command".


How many times have you been in a conversation in a group of people where someone has piped up and said... "You know what really stresses me out and upsets me - is that line in "O Canada" that says "in all our son's command!"

How many times have you seen Canadians throw up their hands in disgust at hockey games, baseball games, football games when they are singing "O Canada" - saying "I just can't sing this song this way any more.. this line has to be changed?"

NEVER - that's how many times.

This decision is based on one Liberal MP's motion to change our National Anthem.  This Member of Parliament has terminal ALS and his health is rapidly deteriorating.  I am truly sorry for him, but I still don't see why that should mean that our National Anthem should change.

Is there not some other nice thing our country could do for this man to recognize his long standing contribution to our country?

Is there not something better they can do with the money it will cost the taxpayers to make this change?

It's not the first time this section of our National Anthem was changed...  The original lyrics were  "Thou dost in us command"  these words were changed in 1914 around WW1 when Canada's son's were heading off to war - now giving this line a historical significance.

I guess our history doesn't matter to our government.  It's more important to our country to be politically correct than to stand up for tradition and historical significance.

Here's a thought - if they had to change it - why not change it back to it's original wording, and educate the Canadian people about the change?  You know - tell them why that line reads the way it does... it wasn't created to exclude women, it was created to honour soldiers fighting for our country, in a time in our history when those soldiers would all have been men.

Oh - but then I am sure there would be a major problem with the old wording as well - the word "Thou"... you know we can't have God referred to anywhere either...

Here's my final thought - change all the words you want, politicians.... Next time I am at an event requiring me to sing  "O Canada" - I am singing the lyrics I have always sung - and believe you me - I am going to sing that one line especially loud - with pride... not gender-neutral pride - with CANADIAN PRIDE!


  1. Will be singing the old refrain for sure.

  2. I believe a lot of Canadians will be doing the same thing!

  3. Hear, hear!!!!!! Dale, I agree with you 1000%!!!!! And I'm going to SHOUT out the old lines!!!!! And I am NOT gender neutral either. Thanks for this post. You said it so well.