Friday, June 24, 2016


Today is a very special day in our lives, it is my husband Gary's 60th Birthday!  I wanted to do something special for him today so I decided to do a photo journey of his life.  Gary is not one to stick around when a camera comes out - so I was worried that I would not have enough pictures to do this justice, but as it turned out I found many more images than I even imagined.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY  to the love of my life,  My Husband, My Best friend - My Love - Gary!

                                                               THE BEGINNING!

Gary was born June 24th, 1956 in Chicago Illinois to Barth and Olga Graumann, and big sister, Jane.  He was beloved by all his family, and was raised in a very close and loving family.

I can't believe how much he looks like our son, Jon at this age...

Below - Gary and his Dad.

He lost his Dad early in his life, but his memories and stories of his Father's love live strong in him even today!

Gary and I met in 1980, and after a few years of travelling back and forth between Canada and the USA, we were married in Chicago in 1984.

Gary is a wonderful husband and such a good father to our son, Jonathan.

Gary and Jon  - and some of my favourite moments.

In everything Gary does, family comes first...

Gary, his Mother and Jon at Lake Winnipeg!

Gary, his Mother and sister, Jane.

Gary's accomplishments are many... 

Organist, Computer Technician, Spiritual Care Coordinator, Pastoral Care worker, and still he studies towards a Deacon certificate.

And now ...

Big City boy - goes Country!

Congratulations on your 60th Year!


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