Monday, June 6, 2016


We have had more than a week of rain, except for a day or two that was nice between days of steady pouring down rain.

Like I mentioned in another post - part of me wanted to stay in bed and cover my head with my blankets; another part of me wanted to eat - well you can see where this is going.

So instead of caving to the things I really wanted to do - I did what I sort of wanted to do.

In the end, my days were very productive.  I cleaned the bed off in the nook, that was covered in pieces of fabric I had started to sort about 2 months ago... and I finished some projects - some from quite some time ago.

I am dying to show you the one I spent the most on - but first I will show you the others.

I have had the pattern for this piece for years - I think I got it off a free craft site over 10 yrs ago.  It is designed to be a picture, but I thought it would make a cute book mark, so I changed the arrangement of it from landscape to portrait, and shrunk it down somewhat.  I actually started this about 5 yrs ago, put it aside and then completely forgot about it.  Found it again last year when I unpacked some  cross stitch supplies.

This is going to go by the love seat in the sun room - my favourite reading spot.

And then there this little primitive angel, "Joyful Judy "- I started her before Christmas, and had her almost finished when I set her aside.  I had originally thought I might make some of these for sale, but they take a fair amount of time to complete because they are completely hand stitched - these might be an item I will make for gifts to friends and family tho!

and another mug rug for a birthday gift!


What I have been working on the most though is the little quilted hanging of the three friends.  I so love this piece.  I ended up quilting it entirely by hand as it was just too small and too many tiny corners etc to do with my machines.

Here it is finished, and a closer view so you can see some of the detail.

This piece is going to hang in my little yellow spare bedroom on the main floor.  As adorable as this hanging is, I decided to accent the piece by making another small project with a couple of pictures through the years of the real three best friends.  I haven't framed the pictures yet, but here are the three friends in my little quilt.  I am going to feature these two pictures in a large frame, and maybe do a mat with the border material of the quilt.

All in all I think I accomplished quite a lot during the rains.  Now if the sun would only come out I could return back outside in the yard.

Or maybe I'll just keep finishing projects inside...


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