Thursday, June 2, 2016


It looks like the rains are over for a day or two.  But the temperatures are quite cool - in fact I had to cover my tomatoes last night as there was a risk of frost in our area.

Now that the rain has quit, I took a few minutes to walk around the yard and have a look at all the gardens.  I was a bit worried that with almost 50mm of rain some things might have been water-logged, but other than my Saskatoon tree almost resting on the ground, everything was fine.

Speaking of Saskatoons - I am very happy to see that my tree is covered with berries in the making,

and the Plum tree as well.

We will have Saskatoon pie, and Plum jam at some later date!

I wish I had my Aunt Pat's recipe for Saskatoon pie - she made the very best Saskatoon pie - ever!  When you went to her house - that was the pie you were served, and it was out of this world!  That was in the day when wild Saskatoons and Chokecherries were plentiful.  I don't know that that is the case any longer.  I will have to ask some of my cousins in the area.

That was always a favourite summer activity - picking Saskatoons and Chokecherries.  My Dad had a thing about berry picking.  As soon as the berries were ready he would be armed with empty pails headed to the bush.  He always harvested enough for my Mom to freeze and make Jams and Jellies that lasted until the next year.  He'd drag us kids along too - but we ate more than we put in the pails - so he did much better when he went on his own!   Now there is something I haven't thought of in a lot of years!

Today looks like it is going to be a beautiful day, if that blue sky behind the plum tree is any indication.  I took the camera out early this morning, so all the pictures except the one of the rain are from less than an hour ago.

Here's what I saw in my yard this morning...

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Hey Ma'am there is a sewing machine in your garden! Love the colours of the last pic.

  2. Yes, doesn't it look great there? I should have waited to take that picture until later, after Gary had cut all the grass behind that garden, which he did today! I love those colours too - very fresh and spring-like... would look awesome on a card!