Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I should be outside.  It is 10:22, the sun is out, but I am not.  I have plants to relocate, now that we are moving the shed again.

Oh - I didn't tell you about that!  The municipality has given us to the end of July to move our shed to 15 ft from the property line or our other option is 17 ft to where it was located originally.  According to their own by-laws it can legally be not less that 5 ft from the property line on a side yard.  Which it is - actually it is 6 ft on one side and 9 ft on the other because the shed is angled - but that doesn't work for the powers that be.

I believe it doesn't work for them because our shed is visible.  It borders our driveway instead of being set back in line with our garage.    It is different - instead of a plain old garden shed, I have turned our little barn shed into a garden feature.  Guess there are some who can't appreciate such a concept.  I have written letters, we have haggled with them, and still they want it moved.  I have no idea where the 15 ft comes in, we have read the by-laws a dozen times and there is no such measurement anywhere - perhaps they want it moved  to 15 ft so it will be smack dab in the middle of our sight line from the house to the garden... must be.

So we are moving it - and with it, I have to move all the plants I planted in the two new flower beds on either side of the shed.

I could do that today - I should do that today - but here I am sitting upstairs at my computer where there are no biting mosquitoes, and no pesky so-called-rules!

Hiding?  Not really - Licking my wounded pride?  Perhaps just a bit!

I have a lot of work I can do inside as well - no one can control me in my own studio - well they'd better not try!

Someone posted this last week on social media - it very much fits my thinking!


So maybe I will go outside and move plants, or maybe I will just stay up here in my studio all day and craft.

I have just about finished another Joyful Judy, and this morning I was paging through some of my craft magazines while drinking my morning coffee, and I came across a Santa ornament, that I could add legs to very much like Joyful Judy - so that will be my next evening stitching project while I watch TV.

There was a very good reason for me to save all these millions of patterns and ideas for someday when I retired!  I have enough supplies to craft well into my 80's I am sure, and now I have the time as well.

All I have to do now - is decide what to do first!

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