Friday, June 10, 2016


What a day we had yesterday!  It all started at 5am with a bolt of lightening and a crack of thunder so loud it had us out of bed hitting the floor running - literally!  The lightening was so close we could smell it!

I am terrified of lightening on any given stormy day, so that killed my chances for any more sleep. Next came the torrential rains, and that had Gary running down to the basement to check everything down there.  As Gary said, he trusted our old house in Winnipeg, we had many bad storms while we lived there and not once did we have water anywhere.  This house is new territory as far as heavy rains are concerned, so we are still on edge every time it rains heavily.

We lost power, and out here when you loose power, you also loose your water, so our morning was off to a sketchy start!  This first storm lasted just about two hours,  leaving me a wreck from the lightening strikes over and over again, and according to the rain gage, leaving us with two inches of rain - and it wasn't even 8 am yet!

This was to be the pattern of the entire day.  The skies would clear, then it would turn black and severe storms would hit, repeat, repeat, repeat...

We were lucky, there were no Tornado's, although areas around here did have Tornado warnings and the storm chasers were spotted just south of here.  A friend posted this picture he took last evening of Storm Chasers sitting in a Tim Horton's parking lot in Brandon.  Here's me thinking - I thought those funny looking vehicles were only in movies - apparently not!

I took this next picture as the clouds were clearing on what I hoped would be the last storm... as it happens my prayers were answered.  We were forecast to have storms through the night, but they were done well before dark.

The nice thing about storms is that when they leave you don't have to wait long to see improvement.  within minutes light and colour had returned and things began to look better...


much better...

We are pretty soggy here - we were before all this happened.  My vegetable garden is looking drowned and a lot of perennials are lying on the ground, but hopefully with some sun and air they will pop back up.

What I do know is that we don't need any more rain.  We had over 50mm last week, and some the week before that.  However more is predicted for Sunday - maybe we will be lucky this time and it will go elsewhere.

I haven't checked the rain gage as yet - on some level I don't even want to know the final total for rainfall yesterday.    It doesn't make any difference now anyway - except if one is heading downtown for a chat with the locals... then that information would be extremely useful.

Here's to many days of Sunny Skies!

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