Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I spent another day in the yard - raking needles.  Gary hauled 10 bags to the dump today and we haven't even hit the main part of the back yard yet.  But we are getting 99% of them bit by bit so we will keep at it.

I was digging around in a small flower bed I created last year, and dug up a nest of baby bees... OH I AM SO SORRY!  I quickly covered them up and left them alone.

Do you know how much our bees mean to our survival?  Do you know that the solitary bee is in danger of being gone forever if we continue the way we are going now?  Do you know there are ways that we all could help?

The first food in the spring for bees is Dandelion's.  We all want gorgeous lawns with no yellow flowers - but those yellow flowers are much needed for the bees in the early spring... leave some for the bees - Please!

Plant wildflowers.  My neighbour in Winnipeg started a small patch of wildflowers in a little corner of her back yard a couple of years ago, and the bees came - and she had a fantastic vegetable garden that year.  So the next year she planted more.  Not only does she get to enjoy the lovely colours and scents of the wildflowers growing in her yard she is experiencing first hand the benefit of keeping the bees happy.

Make or buy a bee house.  This is something I am doing in my own yard this year.  Back at my old house, the Bumble Bees took over a small birdhouse that my son had made for me.  It has been a bee house for about 5 years now, and my yard was always full of Bumbles every year.

Real bee houses are much different than a birdhouse.  Here is an excellent article on building a Mason Bee House.  It is as simple as drilling small holes into a block of untreated wood.

I am putting the challenge out to all my readers - Do something good for the bees this year - lets all do something to make the bees happy in our own yards.

The best commercial I have seen this spring is the Cherrios' commercial.  If you haven't seen it, take a look.

Lets help bring back the bees.

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