Thursday, April 21, 2016


This week seems to have gone by quicker than usual.  Guess that's because so many things have happened this week - we exposed our house to whomever drives or walks past, I got a job, we took a short trip in to Winnipeg, I had my 10th year post-cancer and mastectomy mammogram, I rescued Beauty, I got to see and visit with my very much missed elderly former neighbour, and I got to spend precious time with our son... all in four days.

No wonder the week flew by!

I would really love to be able to be outside working, but it has turned chilly once again, so instead I will work upstairs.

I am pretty excited  about something totally different however.  I recently had 30 some vintage baby dresses to sell.  I posted them on one of the Face Book doll sites I belong to, as they are suitable for larger dolls, and a friend of mine on the site said she wanted them all.  That was just before Molly left us, and while I was still painting anything I could find.

I finally connected with my friend again, and we discussed the dresses I am to send her, and she had the best idea -

How about we do an exchange!  We were talking about our Chatty Cathy's she has over a 100, and I have 8, so she asked it I would consider and exchange, a good condition, brown eyed brunette Chatty Cathy and some Chatty dresses for the 33 dresses I am sending her.

Would I consider?  I leaped...

I haven't had a new Chatty Cathy in a few years, and just the thought of acquiring another, makes my heart pitter-patter... I don't have a brown-eyed doll - they are not all that common, so I am excited to get her.  I can see a spa day coming up - and while I am at it, perhaps a spa day for some of the other Chatty's that sit not too far away from me in my studio.

I wasn't expecting this - so it is a wonderful surprise.

In the meantime, I will try to continue to clean up some of the mug rug projects that I have started - OH and the two I gave away as gifts this weeks, were very much loved.

So what a week, it's been - I am kind of looking forward to a quiet weekend.  Maybe we will be really lucky and get to have a complete weekend without snow - now wouldn't that be ideal!

Talk to you next week -

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