Thursday, April 14, 2016


These sure have been busy days for me.  I have completed all the painting in the basement family room and surrounding areas, and now I am just in the process of decorating, hanging pictures and adding personal touches that speak my name.  

I have spent very little time in the family room since we have been in this house, but now it will be an area that will be wonderful to spend time in and entertain friends and family in.  I look forward to that!

Our basement is a weird space, there are several areas that could be used for many interesting things besides the family room itself...I painted these areas as I just need to decide what purpose they will take.

Yesterday was so warm outside so Gary and I emptied out the shed to get it ready to be moved.  We fixed the broken BBQ, which has been taking up idle space in the shed since we have moved here, and I marked off the new location for the shed so there will be no questions needed when the time comes to move it!

I really wanted to spend some time on my knees in my flower gardens, but I had an upset tummy, so instead I painted the breezeway between the house and the garage....yes this too will be decorated into a " space"!

I did manage a walk around the flower gardens and I am alarmed to see black rot on most of the rose bushes.  I am heading out there soon to investigate further.  All the bushes were in very bad shape and I did cut them back last season in hopes to get them to come back from the root better.  I have new soil arriving next week to add to these beds so maybe if I work hard enough and give them the love and care they have been missing for years, I can coax them back to health!

We are expecting heavy rains over the next few days, but after that sunny warm weather.  I have mapped out my gardening plan for the next 6 weeks or so, and if I can accomplish half of what I mean to do...i most likely will walking with the aid of a cane, or in traction!

I am kidding, of course....I hope!  But are a lot of changes going to happen on our property this year... The challenge for me will be to keep in mind, that it might not all get done as quickly as I want it too.  I have a very bad habit of pushing myself to exhaustion until something is completed.

I will try to remember that I am retired and have time to enjoy my tasks and just enjoy who I am and where I am...

Did I tell you, that I applied for a job, and have an interview next Monday?

Another note to self, coming right up!

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