Friday, April 1, 2016


Happy April Fool's Day!  If you play a joke on someone today - make it a nice one!

I want to continue with the Repurpose Friday Posts this week, and this week I am focusing my finds on Repurposing ideas that can be done by and with children.

So many of my friends have grandchildren that love to do crafts - so this was my inspiration today.

But first I want to show you the horrendous quack roots I was struggling with a day or so ago.  My aches still have not disappeared, thanks to this lot.  I am happy to say that after I finish cleaning one more large flower bed, I should have rid all the gardens on the property of this nuisance - at least for the time being.  I am not naive enough to believe they will stay gone, but I won't be letting them take control of my garden as was the case here before we moved in.

So, now on to RePurpose Friday for the kids.  Hope there is something here that all the Mom's and Grandparents can use to while away a rainy afternoon with the kids - and have something hand-made to treasure for days to come.

Here we go....


I love these sun catchers, simply made with only three things - in fact if I can find the clear Elmers Glue, I am making some of these for my own garden.  These would be perfect for Mother's Day.

Next up  -Adorable planters made from Pop bottles.  Adults would have to cut the bottles, but the kids could do the rest... adorable!

Here's another item for Mom or Grandma's Garden made from things you can find around the house, except maybe the wood slice - but I am sure that Grandmas everywhere could be creative and use something else as a substitute for the wood slice if they didn't have one lying around.  Another adorable project!

This super project could be so much fun - dollar store frames would be perfect for this one.

Some markers, some old CD's and some string - Voila!  So pretty!

And last but not least - Every Mom or Grandma needs some of these in her kitchen - you never know when you will need to clamp aside a curtain - or better yet - these would make a great bookmark...


and remember -

The smile on your face is the light in the window
That tells people that you are home.


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