Thursday, April 7, 2016


SO - there must be a brilliant saying somewhere about intentions - I know there is, I have heard it - but don't care to remember it at the moment.

For starters, I am looking out my window from my desk upstairs in my attic, and I need sunglasses.  The bright white SNOW is glaring me in the face from the sun room roof, right outside my window.  Do you recall my post last week about working so hard in the garden and loving every minute of it?

Just a memory now...

This is such a let down, on so many levels.  We were supposed to have our 6 pine trees removed yesterday - and the big old crocked cement step to the back door as well.  The young fella was bringing me 2 yards of top soil, and he was going to remove all the soil from the area where the pine trees were and put nice new soil from his property on it for me.  I was even going to try and sweet-talk him into moving my shed the few feet I need it to be moved.

No wonder I am in a funk!

Here I sit staring at a glaring bright white roof, and I have no blinds to pull.  Gonna have to get Gary to put the mini blinds back up on this window.

"ACH"!  Is all I have to say!  That is a direct quote from my Auntie Annie - Bless her Soul, she always made me chuckle when she did that!

So because I was in a complete funk, and flat- out refused to put on my snow boots, I didn't go to the Re-opening of the Uniques and Antiques shop yesterday.  So There!  I showed em all, and spent the majority of my day wallowing in my self-pity on Pinterest!

I did sort my material scraps into piles according to colour, and they are all neatly ready waiting on the little bed in the nook in case I should get the itch to make more mug rugs!

This morning I got out of bed at 7am, had breakfast and headed up to my studio.  I have been doing all the hand stitched embroidery on the mug rugs that were waiting, so now I have 7 ready to be quilted, which I will do just as soon as I post this piece.

What got me going?

There is nothing that gets me out of a funk quicker than hearing that a friend is having difficulty in some way.  This particular friend is a fellow craft buddy and doll collector, who suffers severe back pain.  I want to do something special for her, so where else would I head - but to the studio!

I am just realizing that perhaps I have discovered one of the reasons that I have always been able to weather things so well - I worked in the medical field for over 40 years - I saw people worse off than myself every day... it kept me focused, not on myself - but on others.  This might also be the reason I enjoy my time playing for the residents at the nursing home here so much - I am focused on their happiness - not my own.

This past month, I have only focused on my own self - my grief over loosing my precious Molly  - which was major to me, but I haven't weathered this loss well at all - because my thoughts have been on myself.

So - note to self - Focus more on others, and less on myself...GOT IT!

And I know just the right place to start!

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  1. So true, Dale. I'm sure your friend will appreciate your thoughts of her! I'm sorry you have snow. We didn't get any this winter. I kind of miss it. But all the Kanzan cherry blossom trees are in full bloom, along with every dandelion! It was around 24 C where I live in Vancouver BC; it was a record breaker for many areas. It's rather absurd too but we're enjoying it. We ate dinner on the back deck last night. We have very mild weather here. Have fun in your craft attic.