Monday, April 18, 2016


Our weekend was full of rain and snow - lots of rain and lots of snow.  Thank you Montana - very much for sharing that with us!

While I was chomping at the bit to be outside working in my flowerbeds, that wasn't going to happen - so instead I spent the majority of my weekend up in the studio working on projects that I had yet to finish - and of course creating some more.

I quilted 4 of the mug rugs, and attached the little poem on them, so they are ready to be given as gifts.  They really do look so much better when they are quilted.

Now I am working on a couple more campers, and having so much fun doing so...
  Detailing them is the best part of making them - you can get as creative as you want... or not!  Those are going to be potted plants in the window, when I get around to embroidering the plants!

Still a lot to be done on these before they are finished and ready to be quilted!

This one is for a female musician or singer, and I have the match for it cut out in blue for a male musician or singer. - same top, blue and white stripe bottom for the male.  Terribly cute, don't you think?

The weather is supposed to turn around now, nothing but heat and sunshine in the forecast for the entire upcoming week.  Maybe - just maybe we will be getting our trees cut down today - thanks to the nasty weather it has been postponed three times already.  Hope it can happen today.  So maybe my little campers will have to take second place to the yard - but we will see - it might still be too wet to work out there - and if it is  - I will keep working on campers and such!

At this rate, I will have all my Christmas gifts made by July!  Whoot Whoot!!!

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