Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I have been avoiding my craft room since Easter weekend.  Not sure why that is, but I go up there, turn on the lights, walk around in a daze, turn off the lights and head downstairs.

I think it might have something to do with having too many projects started and not finished.  This is my flaw.  I start something, and while I am doing that, my mind is on two or three more of a different variation of what I started, and then my mind adds different ideas - expands and expands until I am way beyond what I originally started.

This is what has happened to the applique quilt projects that I had started.  I started with one small wall hanging for my main floor guest room - then I discovered mug rugs - I started with one free pattern and from there went to many many more patterns of my own that I designed from colouring books.  I have at least 14 cut out and piled on my cutting table - 7 or eight that need a little embroidery, and 3 ready to be quilted.

And fabric on every surface of my upstairs craft area... so much so - that I am repelled by it all!

So my mind switches to primitive work.  Primitive sheep, primitive signs, primitive everything!  I go to Pinterest - and it begins anew...

Oh boy oh boy - I am my own worst enemy!

What to do?

Well for starters I have to clean up fabric everywhere, and put it away.  Then maybe I should go back to January's stitching projects which are in a cabinet in the sun room on the main floor.

Good plan - I am going to go back to January and work my way forward...

Trouble is the first next nice spring day - and I will be outside again and forget all about any kind of indoor projects.

But first - I have to check out the newly re-opened Uniques and Antiques shop in town - today!  The owner has been posting pictures of her inventory on her Face Book page all week... yup  - gonna go there today.

Then I will go back to January... or not!


  1. Tee hee...that's exactly what I do. My mind darts hither and thither. When I began writing newspaper articles a few years ago, it really helped me to have deadlines and I discovered I worked well with them. Maybe create a deadline or two? Or maybe that would distress you!

  2. Creativity really can be a curse sometimes, but how blessed we are to be so creative!