Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I have to tell you about my dinner Sunday night.

We got a new meat pack (our second since being here) from the local butcher Oak Ridge Meats, last week and so I decided to pull out a couple packages of the pork tenderloin.  These are the real deal - not the roasts but the real tenderloin.

I wanted to try something new so I went to Pinterest to find something good.  Because I was planning on spending the day upstairs quilting, and I knew how time seems to get away from me, I decided on a Slow Cooker Recipe.

I chose this one...


It was out -of- the -ball -park, excellent.  The glaze or sauce that you apply at the last hour was fabulous.  If you are doing pork of any kind - this is the recipe to try... It is like something you would eat at a five star restaurant, it is that good!

About that meat pack - we get a beef and pork combination.  The meat is so tender and tasty, that I kind of feel sorry for everyone who can't have access to meat like this.  Makes me wonder why we ever ate meat from the grocery store!  We put our order in on a Monday, and usually the meat is ready to be picked up two days later.  Had I known about this place when we lived in the city, I would have made a day trip out to get it, for sure.

Only thing about this recipe - there were no left-overs!  That could be a good thing - I am not a great lover of left-over meals - but this one I would have enjoyed eating again the next day!

Make it for your family - they will love it!

This post sort of sounds like an infomercial... but I believe in supporting that which is good, and both Oak Ridge Meats and the recipe are just that!

While we are on the subject of food... have you started your plants for your garden yet?  Now is the time to pop those seeds in some trays and get them going.

All my trays and mini-greenhouses are still back at my son's home, sitting in my deck box on his patio.  So this year I had to improvise a bit.  I planted directly into peat pots, which by some fluke, I did bring with me when we moved.

I knew I was going to use the peat pots, so I have been saving all the small yogurt containers to set the peat pots in so I can water without making a mess... and while I don't have little greenhouses this year - I do have radiators - so I am trying a bit of an experiment.

I planted 3 types of tomato seeds (Hybrid Cherry Super Sweet; Prairie Pride Bush Tomato; and my cousin Lawson's sweet tiny tomato seed that I saved myself).  For flowers I planted Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit; Rudebeckia Goldstrum, and some Lavender Lady....

And my little piece of ginger root, that had started growing on it"s own!

I made the little plant tags - yes, everything does have to turn into a craft project!  Take a plastic container from anything, margarine, yogurt, whatever... cut the bottom and top off, then cut in strips.  cut a point at one end and wrap masking tape on the other so you can write on it and you have saved yourself a few dollars that can be used to buy more seeds - or plants!

Now it really does feel like Spring!

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