Thursday, March 3, 2016


Because I have been busy painting, I haven't been up to my craft room in almost two weeks.  Well, that is not entirely true - I have gone up there to take items up and put them on my desk, we have used my computer up there to Skype with our son and I have been on the computer a few times for a couple of minutes, but for anything else, that space has been vacant.

Last night I decided to head up to the computer and do some surfing.  Because I have so many bare walls in this house, my first stop was Craftsy!  I know - most people would head to the wall art isle in a trendy shop - but then I am not most people!

Bare walls to me means, photography or projects.  I do love art, but I can't afford the art that I love, so instead I tend to make my own.

A year or so ago I found a quilted wall hanging on Craftsy of a bookcase.  I saved it to my favourites to maybe purchase and make some day.  There certainly was no wall space available in my other house, so I really gave it no more thought. When I went into Craftsy last night I headed to my favourites.  I had 54 projects saved in there - one being the bookcase wall hanging.  This time I purchased it, printed it, and saved it to my hard drive.  Next time I am near a fabric store, I will pick up the fabric for the background and the shelves.   This quilt is going to go on my sun room wall above the love seat where I do most of my reading and stitching.

Way down on page three of my favourites I came across a block that I had completely forgotten I had saved.  This one has me really excited.  It is a block that was designed to be part of a Breast Cancer quilt.  That in itself is special to me, but I know why I saved this block and it does have a bit to do with breast cancer, but more to do with friendship.

When I moved to a new school in Grade 7, I met several special girls who would become life-long friends.  Who knew that 48 years later we would still be in contact and sharing our lives with one another!

Two of them and I were inseparable during our junior and senior high school years.  We were always together, in class and out of class.  We were called "The Three Musketeers" by many, including ourselves.  Every time I see an image of three girls or three women together it makes me think of us - "The Three Musketeers"!

We all turned 60 last year, and two of us have had and survived Breast Cancer, so is it any wonder that I would be drawn to this quilt block?

I am making this one into a wall hanging for my butter room... and if I get it right the first time, there will be a couple more made for the other Musketeers as well.  I can't wait to get started on this one.  I have enough scraps to make this in almost any colour.

I thought I might paint the second guest room this weekend - but perhaps I can find something much better to do with my time - do ya think?

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