Thursday, March 24, 2016


Yesterday was a day of tears.  It was the second week anniversary of loosing Molly, and for some reason I had a very difficult time getting past that.  These past two weeks have been rough, I will be the first to admit that I have had many moments where grief of loosing my best friend have knocked me to my knees for a moment or so, but I have had my cry and moved on.

Yesterday wasn't like that at all.  I did very well all morning, I was working on my mug rugs all morning in my studio, and getting really quite creative, if I do say so myself.  I am impressed with myself and my creativity in actual fact.

But then after lunch we went grocery shopping and had to drive past the animal hospital where Molly died - we have no choice - it's right on the highway - that started the lips quivering.  We shopped, and again had to drive by the vet hospital to get home, this time quivering was accompanied by a few tears.

When we got home I was so relieved that was behind us.  I went back upstairs to work in the studio, and Gary went to get the mail.  When he got back it started all over again.

In the mail was a beautiful sympathy card from the Vet himself... more tears.  As well there was a small package from my best friend Sharon and her husband Al, who live in Alberta.  I started to cry before I even opened it, because I knew it would be something that made me cry anyway!

Sharon's little gifts never are just a gift.  She has the knack of finding that which touches your heart in the most amazing ways.  I knew the gift would have something to do with Molly's passing - because I know Sharon.

She wrote a lovely card with her own thoughts and then included this quote.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."  Anatole France.

Tears... lots of them streaming along my chubby cheeks....

Then I opened the little box that held her gift.

It was a little mesh bag containing 2 marbles, a piece of string, an eraser, a tiny little rubber bear, a heart locket, a four leaf clover charm and a dime.

There is a little card attached that reads:

Marbles, for those days when you have lost yours.
String, to hold you together when everything seems to be falling apart.
A Heart, to remind you that someone loves you.
A Teddy Bear, for a nice big hug when you need one.
An Eraser, to make those little mistakes go away.
A Coin, so you're never completely broke.
A Four Leaf Clover, to bring you all the luck in the world.

Already an emotional wreck, that about finished me off - but this time the tears held comfort and even a smile at her thoughtfulness started to push the tears aside.

I wasn't done yet it seems - I went to check my emails, and there waiting was an email from Molly's vet back in Winnipeg.  She had been a patient of his vet clinic all her life so was well known to him and his staff.  He wrote a long note saying how much he had loved her.  He wrote about her gentleness, her kindness and her special abilities towards those she loved.  He ended by saying he would never forget her or us.

More tears...

Here's hoping today will be a day of smiles!


  1. Hang in there Dale. Its been 2 1/2 yrs since my Weasel died and I still cry whenever I think of him. Sending a hug your way :) ♥

  2. Thanks, Vicki... (((HUG))) right back at you!