Monday, March 14, 2016


First, I want to thank everyone who responded to my Saying Goodbye post about Molly, whether it was here, on face book, messenger or email or by phone.  We value every warm word of encouragement and love that was shared, and it helped so much to hear others support our difficult decision by sharing their own experience with their beloved fur babies.

It is bittersweet to know what my largest readership ever, was my Saying Goodbye post.  Nothing has ever meant so much to me, as knowing that so many people cared about Molly and our family.  Thank You!

It has been a rough time, but we are doing fine.  The burden of indecision we carried for so long has been lifted, and we know that Molly is running free, without pain, bumps, lumps, blindness and confusion.  There will be no more running into walls, stairs, garage doors, snowbanks, radiators, hydro poles.  There will be no more falling on her chin from a rise in the ground, or a roll in the carpet.  No more all night itching, scratching and licking until she broke her skin open, and no more worrying, and crying when we exited the house without her.

We still cry, but we are starting to relax and we are catching up on our sleep.  We are enjoying time spent away from the house without the feeling that we have to rush home to make sure she is safe.  We miss her terribly, and will for a very long time, maybe forever - but we have decided that there will be none to replace her in our life or in our hearts.  Like our son Jon wrote in his little tribute to his best friend - "My Heart will always wear the paw prints left by you."  It is how we all feel.

Now it's all about Chip.  It is incredible how much he too is missing Molly.  He calls for her, twists his neck around to see if she is coming into the room at meal times.  This was their thing.  Both were given carrots at lunchtime - she would devour hers, and he would tear off pieces of his and push them out of the cage for her.  He is keeping up his end of the bargain -- but she isn't there.  It breaks my heart, but I suppose he will eventually stop this practice.  Parrots are very smart - he knows she isn't coming back - he just doesn't know what to do about it.

In time I will share some very special photo moments with Molly - but not yet - I am not ready for that yet.

I love You, My Beautiful Old Girl - I will never forget you.

Rest Well Babas...

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