Monday, March 21, 2016


Sorry I missed posting a re-purposing Friday again.  We got a call that our much awaited Island top was in, so Friday morning we set off for Neepawa to pick it up.

I finally baked on Thursday evening

So I put some muffins in a bag to take along to my Aunt who is hospitalized. there.  I was a little worried about my muffins - especially taking them to this particular Aunt because she has always been the best baker in the family.  She consistently won awards at the summer fair for her baking - in particular her Chiffon cakes.  Oh My Goodness, if only you could have tasted her lighter- than -air cakes... they were perfection, as was everything she baked.  I wonder if the woman ever had a flop - if she did she certainly kept it a secret.

I baked banana raisin and Cranberry Bran muffins - nothing new, I bake these all the time.  But for some reason this time they got over -brown.

The oven's fault - I have not a doubt ... but still you can understand my reluctance to take them to my Aunt.  I am sure she has noticed by now that they are a tad over done - someone like her would have to notice that, she is too good a cook, not to...

So off we went, muffins in hand,  We got there in time for lunch so stopped at Subway for a quick bite.  Then we headed downtown and made a few stops at some stores, and then off to the hospital.

We visited with my Aunt, met her new roommate, promised to come back soon and off we went to retrieve our island top.

We didn't get far - we ran into my cousin and his wife and made a short detour to DQ for some Blizzards and conversation - and then proceeded on to pick up our island top.

By the time we got home it was supper time - we had pretty much spent most of our day away, and it was actually quite nice to be able to do so without worrying about our sweet Molly.

You would think that after all the time we have been waiting to have our island top made we would have jumped right at the opportunity to finally get the island finished.

Here it is Monday, and we still haven't taken the top out of the back of the car!  I have been busy  designing mug rugs, and Gary has been fixing the keys on his organ.  What's with that?

I am sure we will get around to it sometime this week.

For now - back upstairs to play with some more fabric...

Wait until you see my newest mug rugs...

Next time!

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