Monday, December 7, 2015

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish readers today!

These are busy times for sure - everyone is rushing around trying to get things done to get ready for Christmas.  Here in my neck of the woods things are done in a much more realistic pace.  Most of the women around here's focus is on baking.  To that end every grocery store around here has baking supplies on sale.  I have never seen baking supplies this cheap -  ever!

It is so refreshing to see food retailers giving people a break at Christmas.  The exact opposite is true in the city - the closer one gets to a celebration such as Christmas, the higher the prices rise.

For me, my Christmas focus has been on making some small gifts to include in the few Christmas Cards I send.  This has been something that I have always wanted to do - but working full time out of the home, and full time inside the home, never quite gave me enough time to accomplish this.

This year I could.  I started crocheting snowflakes from the finest thread I could find way back in late October, as well as stitching some sayings on to canvas - both for small flat ornaments that I could send in a Christmas Card.  I don't send a lot of cards, most are to elderly friends and family who are not connected by the computer.

I forgot to take pictures of my snowflakes, but here is one of the other little ornaments.

I also made a few bears and a couple of mice to give as gifts to some sweet children I know, and to some new friends I have made here in town.

We have had very un-winter-like weather.  What little snow we did have a few weeks ago is long gone,  in fact we were the Hot Spot of Manitoba two days in a row with the warmest temperature in the province.  It has been so nice out, I almost feel like I should be outside doing some yard work.  While the warm weather is nice on the bones, it is not good for our environment.  It messes with nature, which is bad for the farmers, for the birds and animals and for the plants and trees and ultimately for us too... so therefore - I am hoping for more snow and cold weather to come along soon!

My brother and his wife from the Yukon were here visiting this past week.  We had a wonderful time with them, always so much fun when my oldest brother is around.  His energy and positive nature, make for an entertaining and lively visit every time.

So to slow it down a bit - here is another beautiful Christmas song I know and love so well.  I sang this with my choir many times.  It is hauntingly beautiful and a wonderful piece to sing acapala with the right choir mates .  If you can read music this one has the music - sing along.. 

this is The Sixteen singing The Angel Gabriel

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