Monday, December 14, 2015

Painting and a Yummy Comfort Breakfast Bake

Once again there is some decorating going on in our new home.  The last time we did anything inside was when I painted the kitchen.  I have wanted to continue painting my way through the house, but have been side-lined by a very painful flare up of Heel Spurs and Plantar Fascists, which has been plaguing me since October.

It is getting better, but it is a slow process and excessive standing in one place to do anything is a NO - NO!

This time it's not me who has the itch to decorate - it's Gary.  He had set up and office for himself in one of the basement bedrooms and seemed quite settled in there until last week.  He came up from the basement one day and announced that he really didn't need an office space anymore, but he has always wanted a little home theater.

So out came the office furniture, and painting began.  The room is very bright - it faces southeast and gets a lot of sun during the day... and the walls, like every wall in this house have been painted stark white.  To the hardware store he went, returning with a gallon of what I would call Cranberry Red paint. 

let the painting begin....

It's not going well - the paint is not covering as we think it should, and so back to the hardware store for gallon #2.  This better do the trick.

The colour, when it decides to cover will be gorgeous, and perfect for the look he is hoping to achieve.

In the meantime, I have been thinking of items he needs in there (besides the TV and sound system) to decorate his theater.   He already has quite a collection of Movie stuff... He has a vintage screen and an older than vintage movie projector.  He has canisters of film.  He will need to be on the lookout for some large reels he can hang on the walls - some theater masks, maybe a couple of movie posters... let the fun begin!

Lucky for us, the Uniques and Antiques store is reopening here in February - I am sure over time we can pick up quite a few things for his theater room.  

In the meantime we have to get those walls finished... well he will - I can't stand that long.

Too bad too - because now that he has started painting down there, I have the itch to redecorate the spare bedroom and the family room, and the living room and sun room on the main floor and the spare bedroom on the main floor - and the bathroom.

On a totally different note - there have been some totally amazing recipes showing up on Face book and other sites I frequent.  For those of you hosting a Christmas Morning breakfast or brunch - check this out... Pam... this is for you, my dear.

My friend Pam recently became a Grandma for the first time - her Christmas this year is going to be extra special.

And here is the recipe...

Now I am off to make some Cinnamon Buns...

Comfort Breakfast Bake (recipe from Rocking Lion)
10 eggs
1/2 cup milk
16 oz refrigerated breakfast biscuits (I used the Pillsbury flakey kind) ***DO NOT COOK FIRST!!!***
4 scallions (green onions, spring onions, whatever you prefer to call them)
1 cup shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese
If you’re into the meats – cooked center cut bacon or cooked sausage
11×17 pan, sprayed with cooking spray (Note: I think a 9×13 works better, but it might need to bake a little longer)
1. Mix your eggs and milk in a large bowl. Cut each biscuit (I’m all about scissors in the kitchen) into fours and add it to the bowl. I like to do this before I cook the bacon or cut up the scallions – give the biscuits some time to really soak in the eggs.
2. Cut up your scallions, shred your cheese, cook and break up your bacon (or sausage). Add everything to the bowl.
3. Mix it all up and pour into your pan. Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes .. closer to 30 so it isn't runny 

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