Thursday, December 17, 2015


Today was all about music.  It was a day that was filled with music...mother natures in the form of wind...mine in the form of piano music, and others in the form of singing.

Today was my first solo appearance at the nursing home here in town to play Christmas music on the piano for the residents who live there.  My turn to entertain was to follow the United Church Service.

When I arrived, the service was still in progress...the leaders and the resudents were singing a few Christmas hymns accapala., so while I unwound my scarf, removed my boots, mitts and coat...I sang along.  I really was just doing my own thing, not really looking at anyone, just singing and removing outerwear when the singing stopped and someone said... Who is that singing like that?

All eyes were on me.

I smiled, gave a little wave, and continued my task of hanging up my stuff and setting my gear out of the way, when someone said... "You sing beautiful". Then one of the leaders said... "She was singing harmony".

I hadn't realized that I had... It's just a natural thing for me to sing the alto line when it comes to most Hymns...Christmas or not... Thanks to my time spent singing with the wonderful St. Luke's Choir.

The service was over so I made my way to the silent piano, turned it on, organized my music put on my glasses, and started to play.

I really can't say if anyone listened or not.. I was lost in my own little world, as often happens when musicians start to play.  I just sat and played and didn't notice much, until I played Hark the Herald .  Where every song was played to a mostly quiet audience, this one was immediately joined by one male voice.  A good voice too.  I looked up and a gentleman sitting in a Gerri chair against the wall with his head lowered, was singing a beautiful solo of the first verse.

So I played another verse...and another.  I stopped at three and so did he.  He looked up at me when I stopped and the smile he gave me went straight to my heart.

He never sang again after that.  Others did, some hummed along with the tunes, some sang some words, others just sat and smiled.

About  30 minutes went by, and I noticed a Christmas orange being placed on the piano, someone softly telling me "for later".

I stopped and asked how I was doing, and everyone said..."Great...keep playing".  So I did.

When I was done I started to get ready for my cold walk home.  A female resident in a wheel chair beckoned me to come close.  She couldn't form a sentence, but I did hear the word ...nice.

I thanked her for coming to hear me and told her I would be back next week.

She grabbed my hand and held it close.

As I walked away I heard a staff member address her.

The lady who had held my hand is the lady who used to own the house we now live in.   It touched me somehow....

The whole afternoon touched me, and as I walked home with tears in my eyes, and a heart full of joy, I once again was thankful that somehow we were directed to this wonderful little snowy town  in rural Manitoba.

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