Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Yesterday I received some very sad news.  My sister-in-law, Valda who has been battling cancer for a very long time passed away.

I talked to Valda last week, she called me from her hospice bed and we reminisced about days gone by, the happy times we had shared, the joys, the sorrows.  I knew she was saying goodbye, but not a minute of that call was sad or difficult.  That is because of Valda.

Valda had the knack of meeting her challenges, whatever they were head on... and she did so with grace, a smile and always a kind word.  I am not saying she was a saint... you couldn't know her and say that... but she had more class in her tiny little pinkie, than most people have in their entire body.

That was Valda.

She will be so missed by her two beautiful daughters, whom through this long journey, never left their mother's side for a moment.  Their children will miss their Grandma...they were close to her...she made sure of that.  Her family and friends will miss her, because she was ever present in their lives, even when she lived far away from them... I know this because I count myself in that group.

Valda was ready for death, she told me so and I believed her, for she had suffered a very long time.  For that reason we can push our sorrow aside and celebrate her passing.... She made sure of that as well! 

I shall remember her forever, and love her even longer still...

Rest In Peace, Sister...

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