Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Where's my MoJo?

I need to get crafting!  Seriously, I have not done anything substantial for a long long time, and it's driving me crazy!

My crafting MoJo pretty much went on extended vacation right after Christmas.  I have made and completed small projects, but anything larger has not even been attempted.

Last night at around 9 pm I got the itch to do something!  GO figure!  I couldn't happen at say.... around 6:30 or 7.... No - it has to wait until an hour from getting ready for bedtime before another work day....

So then when I did get to bed guess what - I couldn't sleep for wracking my brain trying to figure out what I wanted to craft... Double Sheesh!

Usually thinking about projects will put me right to sleep - annoyingly so!  Not last night!  I heard the clock chime 1:30 AM and I was still thinking!  Tripple Sheesh!

What did I come up with?

You will be really surprised -

Last year I had started photographing a series of photos for a Chatty Cathy book I am writing. I think I showed you one that I have done.

 I have a whole bunch of scenes waiting (in my mind) to be created.  One involves, flip-flops, tank tops, bathing suits, an umbrella and water, another involves, pajamas, pretty girls blankets, beds, and frilly accessories... the trouble being, is that all props need to be made, all the outfits need to made times 3 and in some cases, times four.  It's a lot of work for a couple of pictures, but I can't finish the book without the pictures, and I really want to finish the book this year - so  - project # 1 could be this one!

Maybe all I need to do is start - and my MoJo will return.  Could it really be as simple as that?  I somehow doubt it!

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