Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's the little things in life that...

I've always been fascinated with little things.  Years ago I got very heavily immersed in creating dolls houses and miniatures and while it was one of the most relaxing hobbies I have ever embarked on, it also was one of the most expensive.  I collected miniatures of every description, and what I could not find to buy - I made.

I loved creating little things for my houses, and there began my love for little things.

I have plastic tubs of little things, some bought and some made by me.  All, left over from the days when I collected and made doll houses.  I sold most of the furniture I had collected, but I kept a lot of the accessories, and I use them from time to time on my crochet bears, or with dolls, or on some of the fairies that I have made.

The weather being so lousy, and spring and gardening looking like it is never going to happen, has given me plenty of opportunity to spend a lot of time on places like Pinterest and You-tube.  Which in itself can be a very dangerous thing for a person such as me.

It was on one of these surfing sessions, that I received a tiny, but very  noticeable pinch while searching for gardening ideas for my very tiny patio area.

You see the real problem with my patio area is not that is is small, although that does cause me some hassles - the problem lies with my beautiful four-legged fur baby, who just can't seem to keep her lips off anything green growing in pots or the wee garden area on the patio.

It's made for a very blah area - so to Pinterest I went to check out some ideas.

That's when I felt the pinch - or was it a bite?  I think it was a pinch - from a fairy - most certainly a fairy; because somehow quite unknown to me I ended up on YouTube watching video on making a fairy garden.

What?  You don't believe in fairies?  Oh come on.....

Then you have to watch this... it's wonderful, and it so made my mind think of spring, and green, and fun, and fantasy.... and yeah.... fairies!  It was just what I needed to get my mind happy, it put a song in the air, a spring in my step and in my heart!  Well... it did!

Do yourself a favour - watch it - you will be awed I guarantee it...  see what it does for you!


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