Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm Back!

How is it possible that a weeks vacation can fly by so quickly when a work week does not?  I am feeling very out-of-sorts having to get up early this morning and get ready for work all the while my mind is on something else I'd much rather be doing at home.

So please allow me my small pity party for one - just for today!

What did I do on my week off?

The week off started with an awesome Easter dinner with my brother and his family.  Thank you Dean, Wendy and Leigh for the wonderful meal and a great evening.

Then it was me time.

 I read three books from my collection of my favorite author, Lavyrle Spencer.  She no longer writes, but I have all her books and it has been years since I sat and read any of her stories.  Total enjoyment was mine as I read "The Gamble" and "Vows" and my forever favorite "Years".  I have read "Years" so many times, and it still is my favorite book of all.

I did some crocheting (shoes for Cathy). Which I then starched with Stiffy and embellished with sequins, beads, bows etc.  They turned out adorable but I have yet to take pictures  - I'll try and get that done this week.

I tried sewing a dress for one of my Cathy's - but the bodice ended up being too small.  I didn't have any spare material so I chucked it in the trash and am now waiting for some Divine inspiration to make use of the skirt part of the dress.  Hummm....

I had a nap almost every afternoon at 2...

 I had a wonderful visit with some friends...

And I inherited a glass fronted bookcase for my dolls, which I intend to completely revamp, but for now I cleaned it up and filled it up in my now very crowded work room.

I did manage to finish one outfit.  This is one I have been knitting for awhile.  This doll is one of my own childhood dolls, and I wanted to dress her in something that would fit her age - since she is a early 1960's gal, I thought I would dress her as a Mom of that era - I think she turned out perfectly... she looks like a 1960's Mom ready for church...  what do you think?

She looked so lovely standing in my dining area, but she since has been moved to the cabinet in my work room.

And that was pretty much my week...

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