Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My brain is significantly challenged of late - maybe it has spring fever - maybe it has shut down completely because this year it seems as if spring is nowhere to be found.  Maybe my brain is just overloaded with things in life that are getting it down - whatever it is - I find myself totally unable to come up with today's post.

So I went back to last year's post on this day.  I seems this day a year ago I was starting my mini-series on the old travel trunk I lugged home from the church rummage sale.  Do you remember that story?

I had forgotten it myself, so I spent a little time reading my posts of last year.  That old trunk is kinda cool and the journey it took me on (without leaving my house) was cooler yet.

So today I'll take you back a year.  If you have already read this - then you get a day off...

Happy Travelling!


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