Monday, April 29, 2013

It's Here!

Well it finally happened!  Spring arrived in Manitoba this past weekend, and Oh Boy, was it nice!  It's funny how everything and everybody heads outside when the weather turns seasonably warm.

The dog could not be kept indoors, son rode his bike back and forth to work all weekend, hubby worked outside for hours and hours, and I spent time in my gardens - yes working, but it sure felt more like therapy than work.

After the long miserable winter and spring, we have had, it was nice just to sit outside on the dirty front steps and watch the birds and the beautiful black and gold butterflies that were visiting my yard.  It was awesome to sit out there in my work clothes and just BE!

Hard to believe we had this much snow not so very long ago.

The view from my seat on the front steps is not beautiful - well to me it was and is, but just seeing nature coming alive here and there in my tiny garden is a beautiful thing.

 There is already a bit of green showing - my perennial Diannthis are green, and my lambs ears behind them have a bunch of green spouts too.

One little reminder of the winter we had remains on the boulevard in front of my house.  This little pile of snow once was over 7 ft tall.

A month ago ago it looked like this...

Progress at last ...

Finally Gardening Season is here....

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