Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Power of Love!

Every so often, if we are lucky, we are blessed to witness the true power of what Love can do.

I had one of these moments last week.

Friends of ours - a couple who have been married for 30 some years have recently been going through a very rough spot in life.  They have weathered many rough spots before, but this has been extremely difficult for them both.

Last year, they decided move back to Manitoba, and so they started the ball in motion that would get them here.  Their plan was solid, they took all the right steps to make the move from one province to another and almost right from the beginning - nothing went right.

They have no children - so it's been just the two of them all their years together.  So they put their home up for sale and bought a different home in their new location.  She moved to the new home in November, started a new job and he planned on joining her once their home sold.  It should have been straight forward - but it wasn't.

She got sick as soon as they moved into the new house.  Seriously ill - cancer.  She had started her new job, but had to quit to start cancer treatments right away.  He had to return to sell their home and work his job, until the house sold.

Every prospective buyer fell through.  Christmas came and went, he came for a weeks visit, but had to go back again.  She was slated for major surgery in February, and he was able to get a month's leave to be with her through the surgery.  But again he had to go back - their property still was not sold, and he still had his job.

They both struggled, but I only saw her in the months through this ordeal.  She was fearful of the future, she struggled to understand the whys of their situation.  She mourned the property they were selling and she began to resent the new home that they had planned to spend their future years in.  She missed him terribly, and he her.

Their property finally sold - 5 months after this journey had begun. Finally their stars seem to be in the right place at the right time.

She continues treatment, and he was back for Easter last week.  In three weeks he will be here permanently.

We spent some time with them last week, it being the first time I had seen them together in quite awhile.
I was amazed at the difference in my friend.  Her eyes shone, her smile was radiant, and she was so happy... and it was because he was there.

If there was ever two people who need to be together - it's these two.  I watched them as we visited.  When she talked, he listened and smiled.  When he talked she listened, and smiled.  Their joy at being together was so obvious and so refreshing, it made me smile.

The power of her love for her spouse, and his for her,  has brought my friend back.  Yes she still has a steep hill to climb - but climb it she will... and so will he, right beside her every step of the way.

That's the true power of Love...

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.  But the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

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