Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flapper is finished, Turkey to follow!

It's been a beautiful week weather-wise in Winnipeg this week, yesterday we even broke a record for highest temperature EVER in October ... we got to 31.8 C. which is roughly 90 F.  Not bad for Manitoba in October.  Our normal high should be somewhere around 13C so as you can see we are far above where we should be. 

Hopefully the warm weather will stick around for the weekend as it's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada an a lot of people have plans that include travel. 

I am cooking my Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.  I can't wait for the turkey dinner and pumpkin pie for dessert.  YUM!

Remember the little china head doll I was going to dress as a flapper?  Did I tell you about her?  When I visited my 92 yr old Aunt Margaret last year - she handed me a small (about 8") China head doll that she had made. 

"Do you like her?"  she asked.
"I love her"...
"Then take her home with you, and make her something nice to wear!"

I designed and crocheted a flapper-style dress then decided to hand -sew sequins to the bodice portion of the dress.

I had forgotten all about this project, and the doll had become buried in a pile on my worktable.  Last weekend I was moving piles - well trying to clean, actually; and I felt something hard in a pile of fabric.  I discovered the China Head doll and then remembered that I was working on a dress for her.

It too awhile to hunt down the dress but I did eventually find it in a plastic bag with some thread a needle some sequins and a pair of scissors.  So I took it to work and all week I have been hand sewing sequins on the dress on my lunch break.

I finished the outfit last evening and here is the result.  I think she turned out pretty cute.

Chip even donated a feather to complete the look....NO, I did not pull is out of him - he shed it all on his own!

So, now I have one less project to finish.  Up next.... pumpkin man.... the leaves are bagged, all I need is to find a pumpkin the right size.

Have you been working on yours?

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