Thursday, October 13, 2011

Time to Give Back!

Are you rich in talent? Do you have a bit of time you could use to do something for someone else?  Do you have the desire to "Give Back" to someone or something, but not sure what you could do?

If you can knit or crochet - even at a beginner level - I have a project for you.

It's called  THE SCARF PROJECT - and it runs in both Canada and the USA.  It is a project to supply scarves to the athletes, coaches and volunteers of the SPECIAL OLYMPICS Winter Games in 2012.

The information for the Canadian Games can be found here: click on the story of the scarf project and it will take you to the pdf file on the project.

The information for the American Games can be found here:

If you need patterns for your scarves here are some links for those...
or you can use your own patterns or make one up.

The pattern does not matter - but colors do.

For the Canadian project this time around the colors are blue and white and a "touch of red" - just like the logo.  I recommend using Red Heart Super Saver yarn - as it's inexpensive, durable, washes well and makes a nice warm scarf.  Colours  0886 Blue   and 311 White  or Red Heart Soft  4600 White and 2624 Royal Blue or 9820 Mid Blue would be my choice.

The American project this time around are using the colours red and navy.  Red Heart Super Saver  387 Soft Navy and 319 Cherry red or Red Heart Soft  4604 Navy and 9925 Really Red.

Lets show these very special athletes our support by doing something special for them. Your help and support would be greatly appreciated...

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