Monday, October 24, 2011

Saturday Insanity!

Saturday was a weird day.  I had the house to myself (which hardly ever happens) for part of the day so I planned all kinds of projects to get me through the day. 

I was going to really clean my house - ha!
I was going to mend and hem the pile of clothes lying around on my ironing board, right beside the sewing machine.
I was going to iron the other pile of clothes sitting at the other end of the ironing board.
I was going to knit some on the scarf I started for the Special Olympics project.
I was going to finish my swap item for Charlotte.
Did I mention I was going to really clean my house??

I saw hubby off to his conference, poured a cup of coffee, grabbed the laptop and signed in to Facebook.  Somehow I landed on a FB page of a group I belong to of Manitoba Crafters and I was merrily browsing the posts, seeing what everyone was up to, when I noticed an add for a Christmas Craft Sale in November.

I followed the link to the site, and the more I read, the more excited I became.  Remember my last post?  Well here was just the type of sale I had been longing to find.  Local CRAFTERS only, cash only, no business or commercial vendors, no Visa/Master Card or Interact - just a good old-fashioned kind of sale.

To apply one was to send 3 pictures of your work, or a link to your web page/blog, whatever, and they would get back to you if your work was something they wanted in their sale.

Finally!!! A promoter who wanted to see the quality and type of work you did!  I was pumped!

The sale date was November 26th - so I quickly calculated 9 weeks till the sale, then figured how many items I could get done, and I was completely pleased to think that just maybe  I could pull it off.

I still had time - registration had to be in before October 14th!

Are you getting this picture yet?

I fired away three pictures, an email and a link to this blog, and was so excited to think I could be in a sale after all... I went looking for my #10 thread and started crocheting a bear.  In the back of my mind a shopping list began to form for our trip to the states this weekend.  How timely was that?  Perfect - I could really stock up on items I'd need.  Wow!

But I didn't stop there...

I fired away yet another email to my friend Dee who makes the most fantastic cards, and who worked with me at our sale last year.... Dee..... look at this fantastic sale... hurry you could get in too, maybe!

The next thing I know, hubby is home, and he was barely through the door and I was telling him all about the sale.  He scrunched up his face, kinda tipped his head to the side, but didn't say anything... at first.  He went down to his office to unload his stuff, and when he came back he asked me if I was feeling okay!

Okay?  Are you kidding?  I'm Great!

"How are you going to do this sale?  Do you have a lot of stock?"
"No, but I have almost 9 weeks!"

There's that look again....

"Dale it is almost the end of October... a week away from November!"

OH - OH - as Chip would say!  What did I do!

Back to the computer - fire away yet another 2 emails - one to the promoters apologizing for my late application, and another to Dee...

Well maybe we'll just forget Saturday even was.  Yeah, we'll just wipe that one right off the board!  Good plan!

Except this morning in my email was a reply from the promoters with an application form, posters, and a nice note saying how wonderful it would be to have me in their sale...

Oh was your Saturday?

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