Monday, February 1, 2016


I am having an extremely difficult time getting my motors started today.  It is mid afternoon, and it is just now that I am settling down to getting something accomplished.

I was up at 7 this morning, took the dog out for her first morning trot, and then instead of putting the coffee on, I crawled back into bed.  I don't remember anything until Gary woke me at 9:45 and asked me if I was going to get up anytime soon.  Apparently it had not been the first time he had tried to wake me...  one time before he tried, only to be told by me that " I was calling in sick today"!

Okay, there is a flashback!  Haven't had the need to say those words in over 8 months!  Wonder what that was all about?

That got me out of bed in a flash - and on some level I still think he is pulling my leg, but Gary isn't a liar, so it probably did happen, just the way he said it did.

Truth to tell, I have not thought about the days when I used to have to get out the door by 6:20 am very often in the last 6 months at least.  I regress - just last week when we were enjoying a really nice day in Neepawa, I did mention to Gary how very much I was enjoying the freedom of being out shopping and having lunch out with him, without the thought that I should be at work, or that I had to get back to work.  But that has been the only time in all these months that I have given employment any of my precious brain activity.

I hope to never have to think about that ever again..

Moving on - so I rolled out of bed almost at 10am (which I never ever do), I had breakfast, 2 cups of coffee, checked my non-existing emails on my ipad, had a bath, washed my hair.  Went upstairs turned the computer on, wrote an email to my ex-neighbour, Elaine; went back down to the sun room, fought with some #10 crochet cotton trying to work though a design I am working on for a Chatty Cathy outfit... Had lunch!

Did the lunch dishes, took the dog out again - scanned and sent a pdf document about seed starting that I had found in a magazine, to my ex-neighbour Elaine, and here I am.

Crikey!  Surely it must be nap time soon!

I really did have a much better outline for this post - but it has vanished my thought process somehow...I promise, tomorrow will be better.

Please come back...

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