Monday, February 22, 2016


How was every one's weekend?

 It was a mixed bag weather-wise here this weekend.  We had mild temperatures and rain on Friday night, and then snow and -25 on Saturday night.  Woke up Sunday morning to bright sun and very cold temperatures, and by noon the warm up had started and the clouds had rolled in again.  Up and down we go... it seems to be the way this winter has been.  It is frustrating to be teased with the mild spring-like weather and then to have to hunker down to the cold again - but every day, we get a day closer to true spring  - so I am going to force myself to be generous with my comments about the weather!

I had a busy weekend.  I finally cleaned the horrid mess in the studio, rearranged the dolls, sorted through some craft supplies, did a vacuum and a general dusting in the studio, and then I headed downstairs and worked some cleaning magic on my kitchen, living room and sun room floors.

Even though my new island is not ready to be used as such, I moved it to the spot it will be when finished and moved the kitchen table to a new place in the kitchen - if anything it has made the kitchen larger yet!  I do know one thing - the island is going to be a fantastic addition to our kitchen, and once we get the top on it and some stools around it - I rather doubt we will use our kitchen table all that much.

By midday Sunday I was bored with cleaning so I decided to spend some time checking out some red work patterns on the Internet.   I found a lot that are so cute, a person could just never have enough wall space for them all... I might make some up even so...

Then I saw this...

I love the sentiment in this so much...

I was going to stitch it, but decided I would try something else instead.

What I came up with is a very small plaque for a tiny space in my kitchen. I used a small frame I had picked up for .10 at a thrift store, and I covered it with some card stock paper,  made the little note with another piece of paper and then embellished it with a few of my little treasures.

Next project:

I found this Robin Hood Flour sack in a bunch of material that was my Mother's.  I have kept it all these years thinking some day I would do something with it.

Now that I have a big country kitchen, I know exactly what I want to do with it - so stay tuned... I hope my idea works as well in actual fact as it is working in my brain!

Time to get to work!

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  1. What fun, Dale! Your weekend sounds great. I've begun spring cleaning my craft/sewing room. I had FUN yesterday getting rid of piles of stuff I no longer use. I give it to charity once or twice a month. Your little plaque is very cute.