Friday, February 12, 2016


Have you been getting any inspiring ideas lately?

I used to do this thing with my friend and co-worker, Pam; where I would seek out ideas I thought she would like on Pinterest and send them to her.  She didn't go on Pinterest back then, and she loved seeing creative things that others did - so I made it easy for her to get those ideas.

This was especially fun the month or so before Christmas.  In my spare time I would  find and save the neatest ideas for things to make for Christmas - for the home, for decorating, for the family, and then every Friday I would send her a whole bunch of stuff.

Believe me - I had just as much fun finding and sending them - as she did seeing them on those Fridays so long ago.

Pam is one of my regular readers here - so... Pambie - this is for you darlin... miss you, my friend!

I will start with this one - this is so neat - and if my cabinet wasn't being used as a TV stand at the moment - I would seriously consider doing this for one of my spare rooms...

Check it out!

I love this next one - and that school that I was at earlier this week has a lot of old broken wooden chairs - so I am adding this one on my list for sure!

You know how much I love old suitcases - I use one old blue trunk as a end table now.... so now I have to keep my eye open for a small one that I could do this with (lots of pretty carved finals and posts at that school too).. 
What a great entry-way piece...

And just one more, because I think it is so darn fetching... 

So I declare - Fridays from here on in - shall be Re-purpose Day at Erndalesnmore!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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